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Creating a public space for artists, craftspersons and interested individuals to learn, create, share and support each other.

A Creative Space for Artists

by Katelyn Heller

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Laramie, WY

Katelyn Heller

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Campaign Story

The Wyoming Women’s Business Center (WWBC) is expanding our art incubator/artist space and adding a Fiber Art Studio. Our office and artist spaces are located on the 3rd floor of the Laramie Plains Civic Center (LPCC). LPCC received a grant to update the 3rd floor, but there is still more work to be done. Our goal, one we share with LPCC, is to provide an environment to nurture the growth of artists and craftspeople to become more self sufficient, provide a space where creativity, networking and developing an artist community becomes a reality.

The Fiber Art Studio will be open to the public. The room will be a multi-use space; set-up to be used for workshops, use of shared equipment, a quiet space to work on individual projects and a place where artists can meet and share ideas and work on group projects.

A Wyoming Arts Council grant bought cabinets, desks, shelving and software to complete items needed for the space. The WWBC purchased years ago, weaving looms, sewing machines, sergers, knitting machines and various tools to be used in a shared space. If we receive more money than our goal, that money will be used to buy smaller supplies, such as scissors, rotary cutters, quilting templates, irons, ironing boards and a computer for public use.

The reality of the Fiber Studio (waiting for a name) can happen with your generous donation or purchase of a reward. If you cannot provide a donation at this time, please share this campaign on social media or through email. We appreciate your efforts!


$10 - $24

Reward TBacker Recognition
Every dollar counts! For $10 dollars or more you will be acknowledged as a backer on our website and Thank You for donating to our cause!itle

Estimated Delivery: September, 2022
Campaign already completed.
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$25 - $34

Yellowstone Wild Animal Luggage Tag
For your $25 donation, we will send you a luggage tag with a photograph of a resident Yellowstone animal ( bison, elk, wolf, or grizzly bear). Your name will be listed on our website to thank you for your donation.

Campaign already completed.
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25 rewards left

$35 - $49

Spend a Craft Day With Us
Learn how to knit, sew, crochet, spin wool, weave and various crafts techniques. Spend a day learning and making a sample of each technique. Pick and choose what you want to do in the Fiber Studio. You won't need to bring anything, all supplies will be provided.

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$50 - $64

Creative Journal Class
Have you tried journaling in the past? Not an artist? You will enjoy this class! Debbie Gorski will show you different creative techniques to make journaling fun.Debbie uses creative journaling for everyday chronicling but also to flush out ideas for projects, business planning, problem solving, etc.Have fun collaging, making pockets, painting and dozens of other techniques. We will determine days and times after the campaign is completed.

Campaign already completed.
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$65 - $99

Pop-Up Paint Party
Backers for this reward will be invited to a private pop-up paint party instructed by Tara Pappas. This event is scheduled for Nov 20th in the new artisan space in the Laramie Plains Civic Center, from 1-3pm. Enjoy a lesson from Tara and learn to paint like a Master. Appetizers and lots of fun for everyone.

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25 rewards left

$100 - $99

$100 Works of Wyoming Gift Card
Visit our Works of Wyoming retail store in downtown Laramie, WY on 211 S. 1st Street to redeem your gift card, or call and ask one of our associates to send you a surprise gift valued at $100. All items displayed in our store are made by Wyoming artists. Support Wyoming Artists!

Campaign already completed.
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$100 - $299

Campaign Hero
Do you want to be a hero? Your name will be listed on the home page of this campaign as well as on a plaque permanently displayed in the Fiber Art Studio with a donation of $100. As a donor of this reward you will be invited to a private reception mingling with other donors, WWBC staff and artists. You will enjoy appetizers and live music and a special exhibit of artwork from our resident artists and artists who display products in our Works of Wyoming store.

Campaign already completed.
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$300 - $1,499

Lee Lane Original Painting
Lee Lane one of our resident artists has donated this painting for our campaign. Lee Lane from Laramie, Wyoming received his BFA and MFA in Art from the University of Wyoming in 1981 and 1983, respectively. Is currently an Adjunct, teaching Art classes at Laramie County Community College-Albany County Campus in Laramie.

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$1,500 or more

Name our Fiber Studio
This space is a new addition. Years ago, the WWBC bought a variety of equipment (floor looms, sewing machines, knitting machines, etc) with the dream to provide a space where artists could utilize the equipment, share the space, attend workshops and network. With your donation, this space will become a reality. The person or organization who donates $1,500 will get to choose the name for this room.

Campaign already completed.
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  • 11-10-2016

    Our first 24 hours!

    In our first 24 hours we have received more than $2100! Thank you for you efforts in getting the word out and your donations! I will be adding more rewards this week, so check back. As you get the word out, every dollar counts. We are working on a web page for our campaign, everyone who donates $10 or more will be listed on our website. We appreciate all of the backers for our campaign!

    I will be posting on a regular basis to our Facebook pages: or, you will find pictures of the rewards on these two pages to use when sharing our campaign. Again thank you for your support!

  • 21-10-2016

    Two Weeks into our Crowdfunding

    We have completed almost two weeks of our campaign. A big thank you to everyone who have contributed $10 or more to our campaign! We have received more than half ($4,550) of our goal of $7,040! We will list all backers of $10 or more on our website (soon). For people who have contributed $100 or more we are planning our Campaign Heroes party on Friday, December 2, 2016 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Invitations will be sent out. There will be food, music and networking with artists, sponsors, staff, and campaign heroes! Two more weeks to go, please share our campaign with others via email or social media-we really appreciate your efforts!

  • 03-11-2016

    Home Stretch

    We have received more than $5,000 as you can see. Thanks to everyone who have contributed. We have been posting names of everyone who have contributed $10 or more on our website: We were shorted a couple of days in the beginning of our campaign and with the election we will continue our campaign thru Friday, November 11. We are so close, please share our campaign with friends, family, co-workers.

    We should have dates posted for the classes/workshops soon, it may make decisions easy if people want to gather a group of friends to enjoy a class together. All supplies will be provided for the Pop-up Paint Party, Creative Journaling and Spending a Craft Day-these will be fun!!!

    And finally put on your calendar Friday, December 2nd from 6:00-8:00 pm our open house and dedication of our Fiber Studio. Appetizers, music, viewing the space and networking!

  • 14-11-2016

    We reached our goal!

    When I say we, I mean all of our contributors! WOW, Thank you! I am humbled by your generosity. Please mark your calendars, for our open house on Friday, December 2 from 6:00-8:00 pm. We will have appetizers, music and you can view the new Karen Lewis Fiber Studio!

Name Campaign Location Date
Campaign Backers Laramie, WY October 08, 2016


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